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  1. Mornin' Coffee Break - Tudor

    Man I wished you moved to GTA V. I missed your work bro. Good to be back
    1. CEO


      Your grille lights go trough the actual grille. Other than that, nice job :)

    2. mattjeter


      Yeah I realized during the video making, but I was too lazy to fix the issue and remake the video lol

  2. Nevada Department of Public Safety

    pure sex
  3. 271590 20160327170854 1

    Dont know who you are, but you're obviously not from around here. Don't disrespect people. It's not Ford's by the way, last time I checked they don't spend time modeling there cars for games piece by piece. Have a nice day
  4. LSPD New Fleet Arrived

    They're a little behind....
  5. Had way too much money for Carolina winning.......

  6. It's sad how the community has become so toxic. This used to be a community, where people could talk and have fun. Now it's a bunch of drama, and accusations, and just general bs. I'm not talking about LCPDFR or GMC in particular but just the GTA modding community in general. It's become such a shithole of a place. The less you are involved, the nicer it looks. The deeper you are involved, the shittier it gets.

    1. TGM


      I've backed out of modding, I don't do as much as I used to. Believe me, it's much better just doing your own thing. I still have my friends and people that I talk to, but that's about it. Stick to your guns and just do your own thing.

    2. Empire


      I backed out on the lot, I moved away to ETS2 and ATS and GTA online

  7. Stealth.

    Holy shmit. Georgie, Jorge, Benson, you're new name shall be Jesus. This is absolute sex
  8. Archer Security

    I'd disagree with you CEO... https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/686/21777094944_0552cc841c_b.jpg
  9. 2014 Charger

    Great job man!
  10. Started making my own skins... Let me know what you guys think

  11. GTA V Screens

  12. Beautiful Sunset

    From the album GTA V Screens

    Just a beautiful day in Los Santos...

    © MattJeter

  13. Can anyone link me to the image of the 2016 NYPD FPIU?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Five0


      if u want i can send u some parts

    3. sobilo123


      yea spotlights are on the Highway units! Hance why im making a highway with the highriser as a extra10

    4. mattjeter


      No it's fine. I have all the parts for the setup. I just wanted to show a friend.

  14. Progard wraparound pushbar for Tahoe

    This is beautiful

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