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  1. Los Santos County Sheriff Pack

    What an awesome pack, as you know im pretty picky. Great job! 👮
  2. As of now, all of my current projects have been terminated as well as all of my development stuff that has been uploaded will also be taken down. This decision was not easy and im sorry for the inconvenience.

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    2. Bueno


      I enjoy making parts for people to use, i don't enjoy people taking credit for them. I will still continue to make parts for people who ask as long as its reasonable. Except for @JJDawkins30

    3. Sgt. Kekkles

      Sgt. Kekkles

      this nigga just gonna let them win smh

    4. Tactical Potato

      Tactical Potato

      Thank God I got all the stuff you released on  a Flash Drive Farewell 

  3. Coming Soon

    From the album GTAV Conversions/WIP

  4. Woow Stop it Dawkins

    Those hubcaps look more like Camry hubcaps rather than the Charger ones.
  5. For those of you that are using "Carpers" tire texture, its not his. Its EVI's and if you plan to release it on a model, please give EVI credit, not Carper. Don't believe me? Ask EVI for yourself. @EVI

    1. VooDoo


      Thank you for this. People that just go around downloading everyones shit doesn't know that Carper is almost just as bad as bugs was. Carper feels that if he loosks at something or touches something, It's his...Sound familiar? lol

  6. STR_Failure_3 Crash (FIX)

    So i have recently been doing some heavy modeling in Zmodeler3. Ive been doing some testing to see what will corrupt a vehicle and what won't. My first issue was "STR_Failure_3 when spawning a vehicle model. Everyone that i had talked to had been sending me into Zmod and the issue wasn't there it was actually in the .ytd in OpenIV. This may or may not work for you but it did me. One of my textures was set to A8R8G8B8 I know that format is much higher quality but it just doesn't work for me. So i set mine back to DXT5. Select the texture, then select "Properties" in the right top corner and a window should appear where you can set that back. Another option to this is using the compression methods with Paint.net, or the DDS plugin for Photoshop. By using either of these programs you won't lose as much quality versus OpenIV. If anyone needs assistance with this send me a PM.
  7. ALLENjr12's-[WIP]

  8. *Converting vehicles to GTA V*

    Send me a pm with what you have. Ill take a look and let you know what i can do
  9. *Converting vehicles to GTA V*

    Im down to do some converting. What kind of shape are the models in currently?
  10. The gta 5 mods lspd mini pack

    Any of our dev staff such as @JJDawkins30 will be able to answer your questions.
  11. That's 3

    Check the plates in the FPIS 👍

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