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  1. Liberty/ Yonkers Police Pack Update

    oh my god i love this
  2. Shiney McShinington

    another acceptable name would have been Admiral Shiny-sides
  3. When XBR finds a new trainer...

    That's one Nice Studebaker
  4. When XBR finds a new trainer...

    Just doing a little landscaping is all....
  5. EVPD K9 v2

    Fuck this Picture because of that horrible Skype Spamming. #The Salt
  6. Sheriff Involved Shooting

    if You're gonna loot AT LEAST get the good toilet paper C'mon now!
  7. Metro PD K9 at the Airport

    It already is, the expedition is too, LED's with DROT Halogen Takedowns
  8. Metro PD K9 at the Airport

    From the album XBR410's Gallery of Crap

    LVMPD K9 Expedition Next to a Patrol Unit
  9. Fast & Furious.

    I Dig it I Dig it
  10. Dis Bitch Is Down & Finished

    Berks County, Nice
  11. Chasing its Prey

    ah a bit of the Old LCPF Sheriff Skin, Now i miss Tyler
  12. 2013 Ford Police Interceptor LCPD/NYPD

    How Does One Pull A Him1250?
  13. 2011 LCSO Traffic CVPI

    I Know, that's what I Meant I Like Ironic's 2011 Better
  14. Plymouth Voyager

    This has great Rape van Potential

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