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  1. Invalid Fixup

    You figure it out? You getting this error in game I take it?
  2. Back from vacation and I'm ready to party. Parts to be released soons.

  3. RIP My PC

  4. New Staff Members!

    Good to see the interest! I'll be reaching out to you all here this week. Waiting to see how much interest is out there lol
  5. We're Growing! We have a ton of new projects! Are you a new modder? Good with people? Good at defusing situations? Recruiting new members and helping current members? Then you are our person! We're looking for new staff members to join our ranks! See below for a list of what positions are available! Development Staff - Looking to extend your knowledge in GTA Modding? We need people to put together packs, or really just release new content! (5 Positions) Community Staff - Our 5M server will be up and running soon! We will surely have an huge flux in new members, and posts on how to join the fun! We need frequent flyers (people who are on the site frequently) to help manage the new content and posts. (2 Positions) 5M Admin - We're going to need help with managing members on the 5M server. This position wont exist until the servers are up and running! (5 Positions) Please comment here if you are interested and I will PM you. Thanks everyone!
  6. Undercover Crown Victoria LWB Taxi

    Scale that dash light down! It's a biggin'
  7. A Day At The Beach

  8. GTA5 2018-04-24 03-11-59-20.jpg

    Great! We need more impalas!
  9. GTA5 2018-04-24 02-44-06-17.jpg

    Shew buddy! You shouldn't have a problem finding anyone with those spotlights!
  10. *Converting vehicles to GTA V*

    Do you get an error message? Do you have a valid license to zmodeler3?
    Uhhh...Hi...Hello...ummm...can we have more of these packs? hahaha awesome job my man! 6/5!
  11. Australian Emergency Thread

    @SNIT I think I speak for everyone when i say this...but you sir are a wank.
  12. 20180409155951_1.jpg

    I love the first pic!
  13. YESSSSSSSS "everything still works"

    I'll gladly feature this!

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