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  1. Im done

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    2. Andy McNally

      Andy McNally

      Pot Heads be like

    3. VooDoobie



    4. Sgt. Kekkles

      Sgt. Kekkles

      where wer u when mcnally was kill ?


      i was eating smegma butter in front of tv when pjotr ring


      'mcnally is kill'


  2. 2014/15 FPIU Unmarked

    Damn that pro Guard
  3. [WIP] Pierce XT Pack V2.4r

    Oh My Lord
  4. What happen to that ram ?

    1. VooDoobie


      Your boi left it super unfinished lol so it was never approved

    2. Andy McNally
  5. "Black Beauty"

  6. You Asked for It

  7. lol everything good unlocked except the caprice

    1. Pandiction


      That's because you don't got the hookups dawg.

    2. Andy McNally

      Andy McNally

      Yukkkk Meeeee


  8. LCPD CVPI Interior

    No it looks about right to me http://gyazo.com/df02d224b4d92ddf00c17ee411746e6d Also it look like that in our Caprices to soo yea
  9. Metro PD K9 at the Airport

    Damn Boy Good Job
  10. Larchwood EMS V2.0

  11. Elizabeth Police Next Gen Pack

  12. Version V.1


    MODEL OVERVIEW - NAME: Elizabeth Police Next Gen Pack - VERSION: 1.0 - LIGHT BAR: Whelen Liberty - OTHER LIGHTING: Many Generic lighthead designs, Ions, Opticom, TIR3 - OTHER EQUIPMENT: Setina Bodyguard Partition, Rockwell Collins Laptop - EXTRA PARTS: Extra 10 - MULTIPLE LIVERIES: Yes - OPTIMIZED FOR: FBI/Polpatriot/Pstockade - CREDITS: Bueno/Bxbugs/Thunderchicken/Ironic - MOD STATUS: Open - MODEL STATUS: Locked ADDITIONAL NOTES - MAKE SURE TO READ INFO FILE FOR INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE. - 2011 Ford Explorer from NFS, Converted to GTA IV by Policefanatic, Converted to 2013 Interceptor Utility By Bxbugs123. - Rims Modeled, Textured & Converted for GTA IV by Bxbugs123 (Center cap texture by PoliceWag) - Model is Ford Taurus SHO 2010 from Forza, converted by NIK161RUS, extensively edited into 2014 PI by IronicRainbow - Front bumper by Vertex3D, mapped by IronicRainbow - Headlight and indicators by Turbosquid - Taillights scratch made by IronicRainbow - Rims by Bxbugs123, center cap by PoliceWag - Vehicle is 2015 PPV from Humster3d, purchased by Medmark. - Converted by IronicRainbow. - Various parts scratch made by IronicRainbow. - Interior from 4x4, converted by Bxbugs123. - Grille by IronicRainbow. - Whelen Liberty SX modeled & mapped by KevinDV - Whelen ion By CommanderHurricane - Indicator lights done by Kelly Severide - ELS Enabled Opticom modeled and textured by tomcat8492 - Whelen TIR3 scratch modeled and converted by Hilth0 of DumpsterFireArts. - Whelen Vertex Super LED by corleone - All other lights made and converted to GTAIV by Bueno - ALPR's modeled & mapped by KevinDV - Go Rhino Pushbar made & converted by Bxbugs123 - Main textures made by Bxbugs123 - (Extra 10 on Unmarked FPIS) - Explorer Pushbar by Vertex3D - Setina Bodyguard Partition made and converted by Bxbugs123/Shotgun bu Grim - Rockwell Collins Laptop Made & Converted by Bxbugs123/Textures By Bxbugs123 & DoTTGaMMa - Spotlight UV-Mapped and converted to GTA IV by JewishBanana - Antenna converted and textured by Bueno - Console scratch made by SheriffVanDyck - Radio, coffee cup and walkie talkie by Rockstar Games - Credits Format by LT.Caine/Bxbugs123 - Skins by Kelly Severide - Pictures by Scarlatti FILES INCLUDED - 2013 Explorer With ALPR's - 2013 FPIS Marked - 2013 FPIS Unmarked - 2015 Tahoe PPV - ELS Config EPD (works for all cars) - Pictures - Creditzz.txt ===============================================ATTENTION============================================ ===== DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY, RIP, ALTER, CONVERT, OR UPLOAD THIS MODEL AND/OR TEXURE WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM ME (Bxbugs123/Bueno/Kelly Severide/Ironic) IT IS FORBIDDEN TO ALTER THIS ARCHIVE! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN PUNISHMENT!. ==================================================================================================== ======
  13. Coming soon....

    Yea buddy you already know
  14. Elizabeth Police

    Just EPD cars

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