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  1. BCSO CIU Silverado

    From the album Gump's pictures

  2. Gump's pictures

  3. Version


    Something I made real quick.. Might wanna mess around with the material to get the perfect look...I sorta like the dull look....enjoy guys..Feel free to convert or whatever...I don;t care lol Gump-Tahoe Rain Guards Stay thirsty and vigil my friends..
  4. lmao

    From the album Gump's pictures

    goddamn right
  5. Version


    thought that I would go a bit of a different route with this model. It's small town police department FPIU. What does that mean exactly? Well, I wanted to create a FPIU that a small town police agency would have. I only put Star lighting on there because it is cheap and more than likely what Grapeseed or Sandy Shores could afford. Everything on it is basic lighting and equipment. No name brands. Just a little something to change things up. But, I am really happy with the outcome of it and I know that you are going to love it as well! Comes with some extra's that I am sure you guys will appreciate. Haha. Base: -Extracted from NFS by Policefanatic-2013 FPIU Base converted to IV by BxBugs123-Converted to V by Matt-Edited by Matt-FPIU Mesh Grille by VooDoo-Roof Antenna by Iansonwheels-Tires and centercap by Carper Textures from EVI-PPV Rim by BxBugs123 Lights: -1000 Starphazer Lightbar by Gump -Textures by GTAxB0SS -Converted to Starphaser by Gump -Standlegs? haha by Gump -Star/SVP VersaStar DLX6 by Gump Equipment: -Airfreshener by Gump -Stalker radar by RoegonTV -Rambar by Carper -Sirenbox by HDGamerzPC -Organizer by Vertex3D -Cabinet by Vertex3D -Console by HDGamerzPC -Laptop by HDGamerzPC -Laptop stand by HDGamerzPC -Dashcam with rearview mirror by Carper -Partiton by Codex12 -Sidewindow plexiglass by CAP N' CRUNCH -Front antenna by vertex3d and behind lightbar is HDGamzerzPC Note:Extra_12 is a wrap for the rambar! And please remember to use the included .VCF... Stay vigil and thirsty my friends..
  6. Version


    I kept getting request about a Tahoe with a lightbar...By God....It's here.Livery made to resemble Twiggs Co. GA but I didn't make the lighting go with their setup. I just made it by ear.I hope you guys enjoy! You will have 8 extra's to choose from: extra_1 -Stalker Radar extra_2 -Wraparound extra_3 -Spotlgiht extra_4 -Antenna's extra_5 -Cb antenna extra_6 -Right side ALPR extra_7 -FS Speaker boxes on rambar extra_8 -Left side ALPR Installation: You can rename the .yft and .ytd to whatever you want,you don't have to use police.yft. For RDE users: Install into update.rpf\update\x64\dlcpacks\rde\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\ Non-RDE users will have to rename the cars to whatever you want, then place in the latest patchday: update.rpf\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday9(or 10)\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\ The sirensettings is 1, so change the .metas accordingly, if you need to(Probably won't at this point) To edit handling for the tahoe: Go to the necessary vehicles.meta, and change the handling id of the slot your using for the tahoe. Replace the handling id with "baller" or "baller2" Credits: - Model from free 3D site, author unknown. - Converted and edited by GeorgieMoon. - Interior by 4x4 Hummer merged and textured by GeorgieMoon. - Interior converted by FightingNote - Wheels by BxBugs123 - Initiative Tahoe Wraparound by Carper - DigitalAlly 500 Dashcamera/Mirror by Carper - Stalker Radar by Carper - Livery by getinmybelly0627 - Whelen TIR 6 by tomcat8492 - Whelen PAR 36 by Bueno - Spotlight by BlackJesus - Antenna's by Vertex3D,lGump and Priman - Watchgard 4RE by CAP N' CRUNCH - Console by Sheriffvandyke - Handcuff by Solo - Whelen Liberty II by Dannyboy - Toughbook CF31 by Ridgerunner - Whelen Dominator by Tomcat8492 - Whelen Avenger by Trumapak Stay vigil and thirsty my friends..
  7. Antenna Whip



    Here is a whip antenna that I made a while back and figured someone else could use it! So, enjoy! Credits: Antenna whip by Gump Texture by Gump Stay thirsty my friends..
  8. Version


    I'm really happy to present to you guys this CVE Impala! What's CVE? Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.Hence the CB antenna and the liveries.If you are a fan of Siderunners, then you're going to love this car! Impala was based off this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFJ5LljesDw CREDITS: - 2012 Chevrolet Impala from Driver San Fransisco , converted to a 2013-2014 by Bueno and to GTA V by Bueno/VooDoo - Body improvements/modifications by VooDoo (Flex Fuel Badge, GMC Badge, Rear Doors, etc), Main Textures by VooDoo "DO NOT EDIT or STEAL Without my permission" - 2006-2012 Chevrolet Impala PPV Wheel Modeled by VooDoo, Tire mapped by VooDoo,Textures by VooDoo - Chevrolet Impala Seats modeled/textured by VooDoo, Textures by VooDoo - Whelen Inner by Hilth0 - Whelen ION by lccop - Stalker radar by CAP N' CRUNCH with edits by Gump and Watchguard 4RE - Toughbook CF31 by Ridgerunner - Siderunners by EVI - Console by Sheriff Van Dyke - Antenna's by PriMan and TGM - Liveries by Gump - Impala put together by Gump I recommend you download the wig wag script by alexguirre found here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9909-emergency-strobes-now-with-wig-wag-lights/ Notes: I included all blue lighting, if desired. The mic cord on the console seems to not map right. I cannot seem to fix. But, you don't really notice it unless you look for it. **To install,simply open OpenIV and navigate to the following:** mods/x64e.rpf/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf Make sure "Edit mode" is on and import the models in the download Stay thirsty my friends..
  9. LCSO finally got enough funds to buy a 2012 Charger

    Police auction. Haha. They don't have much monies.
  10. Tennessee Highway Patrol Pack!

    From the album Gump's pictures

    Coming soon to a download section near you!
  11. Tennessee Highway Patrol FPIU

    From the album Gump's pictures

    Was able to get a pic of one of the newer FPIU's for Tennessee Highway patrol!

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