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Alley Lights

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Been wanting this for a while now...


I've been wanting a decent alley light script. I know you can push the "]" key and it activates the alleys/tkds, but not really what I'm after.


I love els 8, how you can set up the coroner tkds, they're bright! Just wish you could do the same with the alleys.


Anyone know of a script similar to what I'm after (that will gel with els 8), or a way to achieve this? Anyone that has the capability to bring this to life? Or is it a head-f*ck to be made?


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I have not messed around much with coronas, but to my knowledge you can rotate dummies. So maybe you can take the extra5 and extra6 dummies and rotate them to be alley lighting. That is the only thing i can suggest. good luck on your search though!

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