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ELS V8 Renders Car Textures Inert

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After I installed ELS V8, my game began to run into problems (shocker). I finally fixed my bloom issue (a corrupted visualsettings.dat) but I still have this issue with my Taurus Models.




As you can see, it should be a "Frost White", but instead is an ugly grey. Carcols is set for 113,74,113,

The textures show up in Open IV and were working just fine before ELS V8 installed. I was literally playing with ELS V8 mere minutes before I installed V8.5 and the cars were their normal, beautiful working selves. I dont know what I can do to fix it. I've replaced back all the files ELS V8.5 destroyed but can't fix this shit. HELP.

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Oh, have you got this in your FBI spot? Under car options, cycle through the change color options. It seems as though your template material isn't set up properly, if that makes sense. Here's how it should be: 




Here are the different configurations for each texture: 


- Specmap (UV #1)
- (whatever_sign)_1 (UV #2)
- Dirtmap (Multiply, UV #1)
- Specmap (Specular, Multiply, UV #1)

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Yeah that's all messed up. I've fixed it to appear fine in game, but don't know why Advancedhook, Scripthook and Dsound.dll bring this issue up. The stock cars in Voodoos stock GTA IV have this issue, but in my game, they don't anymore. WTF. Weird shit.

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