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How do I "polyfill"

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So, i've got some requests to make a 2015 OPP (LPP) Tahoe, and wish to use Ironics Tahoe PPV. I have noticed some parts on the interior have no material (or maybe they're just transparent). In any case, I wish to fill those areas but do not know how to do so.


So, my simple request is for somebody to do a tutorial VIDEO on how to do it. I'm not asking for a full in depth video, just a basic tutorial. I learn best from watching and listening to somebody rather than reading and not quite understanding it.


If anybody could help, please reply below. I'm sure there are other members who may be wondering the same thing I am.



SIDE NOTE: If i've gone full blown retard and this isn't possible, feel free to be as sarcastic as possible.



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