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Hi and welcome to Gta-Mod-Center! Gta-Mod-Center (GMC for short) was setup by like minded individuals with a common goal, to create new and exciting mods for the GTA community as a whole to enjoy. We as a new site still have a lot of kinks to work out, most notably the lack of a decent theme (blame voodoo and faracus), but as we grow we will change things around and expand our site with new features. If you become aware of any bugs or issues feel free to contact a staff member with the annotation '[bug]' or '[issue]' preceding a general description in the topic of the PM. If you have any suggestions please comment with them below. As always use common sense, be polite and ensure that you aren't harassing, intimidating etc, other as you may be punished for such actions. As for our Terms of Service (ToS), we will be discussing this in the coming days and we'll post them as soon as they're finalized, but for now as previously said, use your common sense, you must also be 13 years or older to use this site.



So what do you think thus far? What features should we look at? Any other suggestions?

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