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Pullover Script

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Current Version: Updated: 11/05/2018


Due to the way keys are bound in FiveM the begin pullover key is bound to the Sprint key which is default as Left Shift on the keyboard. (A on a controller?) Once you have initiated the stop the script will show you the keys to procede.


To use the script you must be in a police vehicle and have yourself set to On Duty (Radio Next), when you are on duty you will see a marker arrow showing the scan range to check the target.

To initiate a pullover, without turning your sirens on, get the marker on the target car then press Activate (Sprint), this will begin the pullover, you will be shown the licence plate, but a traffic stop has not been initiated yet, this is for RP players to call the licence plate in to dispatch (future project), follow the on screen prompts to either start the traffic stop, or cancel, when you start the traffic stop the car should pullover, follow the on screen prompts to continue with the pullover.

Known Issues:

None so far :D

Thanks for helping test this script!

Edited by Faracus
New script complete and stable build released.

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