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On 2017-4-29 at 5:47 AM, ßueno said:

As of today I started my Zmodeler3 tutorial series. Please let me know what people need help on and will try to get the topic covered.



Hey mate, I followed your tut to the letter and no matter what I do I end up with this..


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Like ßueno said, look at the error output you are getting, it is looking for .dds files that you have yet to supply. Find those files using the method Bueno showed and you will have no problems.

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20 hours ago, r123ray_raymond said:

i am able to import cars now but they done show up they on show as dots and lines.


After importing the vehicle, on the left side of your screen there should be a tab that has the options "L0-L1-L2" etc. Clicking on the L0 button should show the highest level of detail of the model and as the numbers go up the quality will decrease. ZModeler 3 is a difficult program to understand for beginners, I recommend watching Oleg's tutorials on youtube to get started out: https://www.youtube.com/user/ZModeler3/videos

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