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Callouts Script

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Current Version: Updated: 02/05/2019


A almost complete build is now live, this build is almost done, and is just missing many callouts, and may contain a few bugs. Please report any issues in this thread!



On/Off Duty: Next Radio Station (for Keyboard Q)


How To Use

Using the callouts script is easy, as long as you are On Duty you will receive random callouts, and if another officer requests assistance you will be offered to assist them.
Once On Duty just follow the on screen prompts to use the script.
During most phases of the callout from responding to suspect in custody pressing Vehicle Duck (X on keyboard), will request backup from any online officers, if no other officers are online then 1 AI backup will be spawned, you are not limited by how many you can spawn, but can only request backup once every 5 seconds.


Known Issues

Some Callouts may not end properly. Any callouts you have issues with please let me know in this topic!


Thanks for helping test and improve this script. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions below!

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On 12/1/2018 at 6:53 AM, Policefanatic said:

So all online players will play as ploce force and pullover AI or respond to AI calls?

Will there be Civillians to bring other roleplay experience?



Currently I am focused on the Police RP side of things, but there are plans for future developments for players who choose to live a life of crime, or just as a regular civilian. If you have the Lambada Trainer you can change your ped model to a civilian model and play that way, and players running as a cop can pull you over if they'd like.


Also a mention that this script just got updated adding some new callouts, including some in Paleto Bay so sheriff's don't get bored out there, and fixing an issue with a bugged backup spawn location.

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